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How to Write an Answer? – 5 Components – English Literature

What are the components of a good answer? It is certainly very interesting as well as problematic question for many literature students. The very idea of being critical is sometimes challenging to a student of literature, as loads of sentence are not sufficient to generate constructive, coherent and uniform argument.

#1. Critical Analysis is Highly Crucial

It would be wrong to think that one can go ahead with answer writing without being critical. Our task is to provide the students of literature those key strategies that can help students to improve their answer writing and the presentation of an argument.

#2. Understanding and Grasp over the Topic

One of the major aspects of a good answer is to understand and grasp the essence of the given topic. It is not about the analysis of the novel, poem, story or any particular topic, but to understand what the writer, that age or the particular topic imparts to your mind.

#3. Context is the Life of the Answer

This subjective approach to the related topic can lead one to interpret and evaluate the topic with a critical viewpoint. The answer should begin with the critical introduction of the text, its key ideas and its relation with the context. The context can be viewed as the life of the text giving the initial approach to the framework of the text.

#4. Integrity and Framing the Answer

The integrity of an answer is another important criterion to measure the quality of an answer. The brief description of the key ideas or major themes within the framework must be the integral part of the outer framework, thus connecting the different ideas and framing the whole. This strategy may guide you in giving the coherent form to your answer without making it fragmented or disjointed.

#5. What’s Important in the Answer?

The interpretation of an idea, its critical aspects rather than analysis of the story, can be used to make your answer constructive. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong in using quotation within an answer but these quotes shouldn’t be simply ‘add on’ to the answer but must come in the range of the concerned idea. The literary terms or phrases can be used to highlight your argument.

The last but one of the most important task for a writer is to study the good criticism of a book or theory so that he/she may have clear idea of the major techniques and strategies that can help one to comprehend and represent the argument with a critical approach and in an appropriate form.

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