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UGC NET English Free Notes

Top 5 Free Resources for UGC NET English Exam Preparation

UGC NET English students often find themselves in dock during their preparation due to lack of reading materials and resources. Therefore, they tend to depend on the advice of their seniors, teachers and UGC NET English Literature coaching institute. 

To help English literature students find the right answers to their questions, and access the right material for preparation, we have collected free resources for you. 

Here it is…

1. Literature Study Notes

We at Learning Skills do not recommend students to use study notes, but sometimes students who do not have good base need to refer to them. For that you can go to

Spark Notes

Cliff Notes

Grade Saver




Pink Monkey

2. Author Biography and Other Details

If you are preparing for UGC NET English then you must have idea about the range of authors from different ages and genre you’ve to deal with. To ease you task, we are listing popular websites, where you can easily learn about Authors without any hassle.

British Council Literature


3. Literature Web Directories

You can also use literature web directories if you are not able to find some topic or author or anything related to English literature on these directories.

Literary Criticism Online

Voice of the Shuttle



4. Literary Terms

Literary terms are quite crucial in UGC NET English preparation, but students often are not able to prepare well for this due to unavailability of good notes and resources.

Literature Study Online

Literary Terms

5. Literary Theory

Literary theory is another important component in English literature, and specially important for UGC NET English preparation. Find all about it here

Voice of the Shuttle


I hope you will find these resources highly usable and effective. If you’ve any questions regarding UGC NET English preparation, please feel free to comment below, I’d be happy to help you.


Learning Skills Institute is one of the leading entrance exam preparation online platform in India. We have helped more than +5000 students to make successful career in India and abroad.

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