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IGNOU MA English MEG 02

Join this course to prepare for IGNOU MA English MEG 01 module.

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Join our MEG 02 online classes that contains 15 videos in total, which will help you to complete all your syllabus in time and score high marks.


Ask questions on WhatsApp and Email, the teacher herself will answer all your questions within 24-48 hours time (working days).

TOTAL FEE: Rs. 2,500/-

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At the end of MEG 02 classes, you will get few PDF notes through email.

Learning Skills institute bring you IGNOU MA English MEG 02 online coaching. 

The course is designed by the teacher, who used to teach in Delhi University, and possess more than 7 years of experience. 

Her students have scored more than 70 percent quite a few times, and most commonly scored 60 percent. 

MEG 02 is believed to be one of the toughest MEGs of IGNOU MA English course. 

The British Drama is covered in MEG 02 that contains works such as Doctor Faustus, A Midsummer Night Dreams, Waiting for Godot etc. 

All these major blocks have been covered in our online coaching here. 

It can be difficult for students to secure high marks in MEG 02 as it the most demanding of all MEGs.

Moreover, British classical works are part of MEG 02 that actually makes it difficult for many students to cover in detail and write an impressive answer.

But with our online coaching, we covered everything, which makes it easy for our students to write effectively.

Our videos cover critical analysis of all these works in MEG 02.

In addition, these videos will provide you with all detailed content and information that no other guide or key will ever provide.

Many times, IGNOU MA English students write summaries in their answers, meanwhile expecting good score.

Instead, often writing summaries led to their low score and many times fail in the exam itself.

On the other hand, our students after completing our online course, they tend to write effectively with critical analysis in the answer.

That enables them to score high marks in MEG 02.

Let us tell you, scoring minimum 55 percent IGNOU MA English can be very difficult but with our course it will be easier than you thought.

For more info, you can talk to our counsellors on +91 9999149355 or +91 8750081919 or mail us your query on

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 20 lessons Time: 27 weeks