An Institute in Delhi/NCR with A Difference

Learning Skills at Kingsway camp institute near Delhi University, New Delhi, offers courses in English Language, crash courses in Digital Marketing, and coaching to B.A. English Honours, M.A. English and UGC NET English.

We have designed all our programs to enable our student to learn effectively. At the institute, we provide both online and offline help and support to students in their pursuit to develop relevant skills, gain knowledge and achieve their career goals.

With our commitment to enable our students’ career growth and achieve success, we provide in all courses, essential career guidance classes. In which our experts work with students to help them in career planning and orientation.

Find more details about the programs that we offer at Learning Skills, below.
UGC NET English Coaching

Are you planning to take up UGC NET English exam, and don’t know where to start from? Then get the expert guidance and coaching at Learning Skills from experienced faculty.

We at Learning Skills provide coaching to UGC NET English exam candidates. Our course designed to provide objective based knowledge with subjective approach to enable our students successfully crack UGC NET English exam irrespective of pattern – subjective or objective.

Moreover, our customized test series, notes and structural approach enable our students confidently and successfully take an attempt of UGC NET English exam. We ensure within 5 months syllabus is completed also revised.

Our commitment is to deliver quality, learning experience and friendly and interactive environment for building learning environment in the classroom.

You can take free initial classes in order to get the feeling, and enable you to understand our expertise and methodology.

For more information, visit our UGC NET English coaching page. 

B.A. English Honours & M.A. English Coaching
In Delhi, English literature courses offered at graduation and post-graduation level at various universities such as Delhi University, IGNOU, Amity University and others. We at Learning Skills offer coaching to B.A. English Honours and M.A. English courses, from any university in Delhi.

If you are facing challenges in managing English literature studies and undecided on career orientation while pursuing B.A. English Honours or M.A. English then now is the time to join Learning Skills. Our experienced and knowledgeable faculty enables you to structurally manage studies, complete course in time, understand concepts and theories in-depth, decide on career orientation and successfully score higher.

Our support and resources such as audio-visual, guidance from toppers, notes and others come together to help you learn effectively and with quality guidance we help you to choose career paths properly. Furthermore, our flexibility and capability is helping students at Learning Skills to make learning fun, interesting and effective.

You can take free initial classes to help you make informed decision.  

To learn more visit our page on B.A. English Honours coaching and M.A. English coaching pages.

English Language Courses

Today, English has become lingua franca, which enables you to interact with people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds. However, in India despite learning at school level, many are not able to write and/or speak properly.

It’s often made out to be that English language is quite difficult to learn, which is why many try to exploit naïve students for months, and still they are nowhere near to speak fluently and write properly.

By understanding students’ needs and perspective, and with experts help, we have designed courses to enable faster, better and more efficient learning.

Learning Skills offer three courses – Spoken with Voice and Accent, English for Career and English for Competitive Exams, to meet specific needs of our students.  

We have developed English Spoken with Voice and Accent course for students who want to improve their speaking, speech and communication skills.

Our course English for Career designed for students who want to improve their communication, writing and presentation skills, and most importantly, you will increase your career prospects.

Lastly, we offer English for Competitive Exams, which designed for student who will be appearing for any competitive exam (such as UPSC, SSC, Bank PO etc.) and want to score better in English subject. By pursuing this course, you will be able to write essay properly, improve grammar, and score better.

You can visit our page on English Language Courses to learn more about the courses.

Digital Marketing Crash Courses

According to Boston Consulting Group, India’s Internet economy expected to reach Rs. 10.8 trillion in 2016. In another study by McKinsey, every 1 job destroyed Internet creates 2.4 jobs.

In short, digital careers are going to witness unprecedented growth in terms of prospects, responsibilities and salaries, in India. Currently there is a dearth of trained professionals in digital marketing. Therefore, if you are planning career in digital marketing, then Learning Skills should be your choice.

We at Learning Skills offer crash courses – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Course Search Engine Optimization designed to impart knowledge about how to increase rank in search engines and market online. In this course, you will learn on page optimization, off page optimization, planning, strategy and execution to enable you to understand tactics, techniques and tricks to reach top SERPs.

Our course Social Media Marketing designed to enable our student to learn how to market on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. and how you can generate leads and sales on it.

Lastly, our course Digital Marketing designed to give full knowledge of marketing on Internet in which SEO, SMM, PPC, SEM, CRO and many other concepts are included.

All these courses optimized to empower our students to get better paying jobs in Digital Marketing industry and build a successful career.

Visit the page on Digital Marketing Crash courses here to learn more our courses.