Free Previous Years Question Papers for M.A. English IGNOU 2013 & 2012


It’s September, for M.A. English students at IGNOU, studies might be getting tougher, and soon by October all you schedules will be filled up. 

But often, in their journey to English literature they tends to undermine the importance of previous years question papers. Please don’t do that, and never ignore them, because it’s treasure trove, where you may get idea about what kind of questions can you expect and how you can score better.

Therefore, we at Learning Skills have compiled all the relevant links, where you will find previous year question papers for M.A. English IGNOU for 2013 and 2012. 
M.A. English IGNOU 2012 Previous Year Question Papers

M.A. English IGNOU 2013 Previous Year Question Papers

Please feel free to ask questions below, we’d be happy to help you guys. 🙂

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