5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Improve English

In Delhi, we know that how crucial English language is for our career growth and success. Today, without English you are nowhere in your career and you cannot survive in a multicultural environment.

Why is it so? Why English is so important? Why English is important for learning?
English is a lingua franc today, and global business language and most education systems are based upon English, moreover, the Internet is mostly based on English language.
Therefore, if you want to build a global business, if you want to make a career in MNC, or if you want to excel in education, then English is necessary.
Now the question is how to learn English language? Despite learning at school level, as we know we all have had English subject at school in Delhi.
You may have also or are pursuing English language course at some institute, but still you are nowhere near, and you are more scared of it than ever before.
Therefore, to ward off all your fears, and to tell you to learn English the right way, I am writing this article on – why are you not able to improve English.
Here we go.

#1. Diving Into Endless Grammar Rules, Theories and Formulas

In Delhi, you will find number of institutes offering English spoken course and writing courses that excessively focuses on English grammar.
Undoubtedly, grammar is important to improve English, but going deeper is irrelevant and also detrimental to your learning.
For effective learning, you need to learn Basic English grammar and simultaneously focus on the practical part of the English where you can apply theories, rules and formulas.
Therefore, if your English spoken institute only focusing on English grammar then most probably with so much to learn in English grammar you will be scared to continue or may even succumb to it.
Just remember, how you learned your mother tongue, it was the environment created around not the grammar that was thrown at you since childhood.

#2. Books, Theories, Rules, and Lectures

While researching in Delhi about students’ needs, and English speaking course in Delhi NCR, I learned that almost all institutes have had their own books and they unequivocally pressurized over bookish learning.
This way, you will not reach anywhere to tell you frankly. Moreover, this will stem fear in you for English.
If you are schooled in Delhi or anywhere in India, you must have had English subject. This is enough to have a clear basic idea of English. Now you need to practice over your speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, understanding and processing to improve English.
For this to happen, you need a learning environment, practical activities such as role playing, watching movies and documentaries, giving speeches, and other confidence building activities, apart from that, you need a peer group in class to talk to, and someone monitoring your activities and helping at every step.
Secondly, you need to build a reading and proactive listening habits, these habits will enable you to understand English clearly, learn pronunciation, and build confidence in it.
Lastly, you need expert guidance, who can work as a trainer instead of a teacher. A teacher works to teach you and make you learn, a trainer also do that but a trainer also ensures that you are able to apply all the learning effectively.

#3. Using Dictionary Directly To Learn Words

We have seen, often students in Delhi and NCR, in order to enhance their vocabulary use English dictionary directly. This is wrong.
Students who do not have idea on how to learn English, or students who are misguided by inexperienced teachers, often falls for it.
Let me tell you, English dictionary is a reference book. You have to use when you find some word while reading or learning. Suppose, if you directly search for a word meaning in English dictionary then you will have denotative meaning but not connotative meaning.
In a layman words, you will learn the word meaning but you won’t learn how to use that word in a sentence. Moreover, by directly learning word meaning from dictionary, you will not be able to remember all of it, but with natural process, you will remember its contextual use.

#4. Not Working Over Your Voice, Tone and Gestures

It is easily noticeable in India, especially in Delhi, where you will find people from different sections of society capable to speak correct English. Somehow, they are not able to put their message across or they do not have confidence enough.
Yes, voice, tone and gestures matters a lot while taking English speaking classes. Because, it is easy to learn English but it is difficult to speak it confidently.
However, that confidence can be build with proper guidance. A trainer, who will work with you to improve your voice and tone to enable you to convey the message across, and tweak your gestures for effective communication.
In Delhi, there are many institutes who have propped up offering English UK/US accent training, let me tell you if you do not have much grasp over your own style, then learning accent won’t be fruitful.
Therefore, firstly try to improve your voice, tone and gestures, then move on to learn accent.

#5. Not Practicing Enough

Yes, as I reiterate again the application and practical part of English. If you are not speaking, listening and communicating, then you are not learning English effectively.
It is important that each day whatever you learn, you should be able to apply. For example at Learning Skills, in our English Spoken Course in Delhi, we send our students to give interviews for various job positions (though they may not want to join), this we do to help them understand about how much they have progressed in learning English language.
In the interview itself, often interviewer gives his/her precious feedback over the candidate’s communication skills. That feedback enables them to understand their own weaknesses, and thereafter optimize their learning for better results.
Lastly, “practice makes the man perfect”, just practice, wherever you are, talk to people around you, speak in English on phone, speak in English while in hotel, speak in English while paying your bills, and read extensively.
I hope, you will put these tips to good use. I know you might have more ideas then let us know, use the comment box below, and let everyone hear it.