Six Skills You Need For A Successful Career

In Delhi, we’ve seen such a huge rush for a single job position. Wherever you go and apply for a job position, you will find hundreds of candidates much like you or even more talented than you lining up for it.
So, in such a competitive environment, how would you differentiate? What can be your differential advantage? After graduation or post graduation, do you fear of ending up unemployed?
All your fears are real and logical. However, taking stress for it is unreasonable and illogical.
Fear of ending up unemployed
Therefore, to allay all your fears, we are listing six skills that will help you develop successful and secure career in New Delhi.

#1. Communication Skills

The communication skills are the basic requirement of any job, especially, if you want to have a corporate job.
If you’re living in Delhi, you would know the importance of learning English in Delhi.
With reading and writing skills in English, you’re assured of BPO job such as inbound calling, outbound calling, content writing, copy writing etc.
Moreover, if you’re planning to enter into corporate career then communication is a must, and excellence in it gives you advantage over the others.
I would recommend you to take up English Spoken course in Delhi, to hone your skills now. Don’t worry if you’re pursuing graduation or post graduation or masters, it’s still worth it to improve English speaking skills.
Communication skills will help you on the career path you tread. So, acquire essential skills in English speaking now, before it’s too late.


#2. Networking Skills

People with introvert character find it difficult to get a decent job except for the nerds and scientist. As they’re not open, and they don’t have large enough network.
Change it, be extrovert, connect with people and build your network.
With networking skills, you’re assured of getting job, as your network will easily land you one.
If you’re in Marketing Job, then again your network will help you.
If you’re a web developer, then you might think why you need a network?
Suppose, if you’re stuck on some coding error then your network will easily help you to sort it out.
In any industry your in, you need a network to go to, and build connections.
Lastly, it’s better to develop network online, in this way you will be able to reach out to your network instantly. You can use Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups or join your vertical forums to build your network.
Just try it, and you will be amazed how helpful and effective your network can be.


#3. Computer and Technical Skills

In Delhi, you will find many unemployed people, who’re not able to land a job just because they don’t have computer and/or technical skills.
In turn, you will also find that there are n-numbers of computer learning and technical institute propped around Delhi NCR region.
Nevertheless, somehow many are not able to understand the importance of computer/technical skills.
Today, computer and/or technical skill are strategic to your career graphs, irrespective of industry you’re in such as hospitality, management, education, manufacturing, marketing, advertising etc.
Hence, go for the course in computer/technical skills, a certificate or diploma or crash course would do for example course in basic computer, tally, programming language, course in SEO, crash course in online marketing, course in social media marketing etc.
There are many professional courses available for you to choose, but choose wisely.


#4. People Skills

Wherever you’re in the world, you’re bound to connect with people. Today, with globalization and digitization, it has become easier to connect with as many people as we want across the world.
But, after connecting with people, the rapport, relationship and understanding we build is important. Because, if you’re a person, who is open and approachable, then people will come to you for any reason.
This is important in career, because if you’re not important to others, or where you work or where you’re studying then you may lose relevance.
Moreover, it is detrimental to the career as well. So, develop your people skills, be kind, be approachable, be helpful and be a good listener. In this way, you will be able to build healthy and long term relationship with them.
Try to connect with people from different cultural background or jump into a multicultural setting, this way you will learn a lot, and will be comfortable in dealing with people across the globe.


#5. Business/Entrepreneurial Skills

Business skills are often undermined!
We often ignore this aspect of our career. Our career goal is to help find satisfaction, safety and security but above all money.
So, if you’re good enough and possess business skills, then you will easily land a desirable job by making yourself irresistible to your employer.
You should know how to sell yourself.
I’m not joking. If you’re serious enough, and knows how much money can you generate for your company and what you can/will bring to the table, and know your worth, and you can sell it effectively, then in turn you will get the desired returns (salary).
So, develop it, be diplomatic, be expert at negotiation, and be good at numbers.


#6. Marketing Skills

I know, many careers do not require you to possess marketing skills, and I agree with it.
But for people in Delhi, where we find many in sales, marketing, advertising, calling etc. it is important for them to acquire solid marketing skills.
Most importantly, marketing skills not just for offline funnels but also for online channels. Take up a course in digital marketing or course in internet marketing or learn some technical aspect of online marketing such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO etc.
For the offline marketing, learn analytics and data interpretation, and communication skills. These are important for your career growth.
Now you, if you’ve any questions to ask or add any more skills then use the comment box below, I’d love to hear your reviews.

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