7 Ways to Improve English Speaking Fluency for Delhi/NCR People

New Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where people from different states in India and around the globe are living together. In this setting, English language is not just important to bridge gaps between cultures but also for better career prospects and effective learning experience. 

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Therefore, those people who’re searching ways to improve their English fluency and communication, I have listed some highly relevant and usable techniques to improve English fluency exclusively for people based in Delhi/NCR region.

With your perseverance, determination and learning attitude, I am sure you will overcome all hurdles and achieve success in improving your communication skills.

#1. Read Extensively  

Reading is one of the decisive tools to improve English fluency. Almost all of you will say to yourself that your course books in English are enough for reading. Let me tell you, they aren’t.

You’ve to expand your reading to newspapers, magazines, novels, poetry, Internet publications such as e-newspapers, e-papers, e-books etc. There are so many free e-books available for download that are educating and entertaining at the same time.

Moreover, people in Delhi can visit upcoming Book fair at Pragati Maidan starting from 15th Feb 2014, to find interesting books in English. Apart from this, you can search out interestrary to find interesting books in English. I would recommend you to join American Center Library or British Council Library both at Barakhambha Road.

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Just remember, reading will help you unconsciously condition your mind to improve grasp over English and think in English. Moreover, you will improve your vocabulary and sentence formation knowledge.

#2. Listen Carefully To learn English effectively, you will need to have proper listening skills that will help you understand English while listening to someone.

For this, you can watch movies in English, talk to people who can speak fluently, or build or join a group in which you’ve good English speaking people.

At British council and American center library, Delhi people can watch movies there or get it issued from there. Apart from this, you can watch English news channels such as CNN IBN, Times Now, NDTV etc. or watch Discovery or National Geography.

Just try to concentrate on listening carefully, don’t try to translate English to Hindi in your mind while listening. Just listen.

#3. Attend English Plays at Mandi House 
In Delhi, we’ve many English plays being performed at various centers and auditoriums in Mandi House all round the year. You can visit these English plays where you’d have opportunity to meet people here who can speak fluently.

You can search for shows in timescity.com or buzzintown.com websites.

Try attending classic and contemporary plays, and don’t just watch them, listen and observe body gestures of the actors.

#4. Socialize
If you’re an introvert person, then now is the time to shed this personality and become social and extrovert. Because, the more you socialize, meet people and talk to them in English, then more you will enhance your confidence, presentation and gesture control while speaking English.

Delhi people can attend interviews, debates or join communities, theatre clubs and various other groups, where they can easily find people who can speak English fluently.

Try putting yourself in good company, where people are learners and have expertise in speaking English.

#5. Join Meet-ups and Groups
As I mentioned earlier, join meet-ups and groups that’s important for your overall learning experience. Because, when you’ve people around you speaking in English and helping you learn better, then you eventually build confidence and start learning effectively.

You can use Facebook to search for such communities where they’ve occasional meetings, or you can search for such groups on meetup.com.

#6. Carry a Learner Attitude
Always carry a learner attitude, by ‘learner attitude’ I mean stay positive, curious and learner. You’d feel bog down or shy when someone points out your mistake when you speaking. Because, when you make a mistake and people tells you that you made a mistake, then you realize your problem and improve. If you don’t make any mistake then how’d you learn and improve?

So, dare to make mistakes, and be positive. If someone tells you something, then be patient and positively accept the feedback irrespective of how cruel it may be.

#7. Join any English Language Course
Lastly, I would recommend you to join an English Language courses depending upon your needs. If you want to improve your English speaking skills then you can look for English spoken voice and accent or if you are a professional, who wants to improve his writing and speaking skills then you can look for English for Career course.

With an expert guidance and appropriate support, you will learn much faster and effectively.

If you’ve any questions to ask then do comment below, I would gladly answer your queries. Thanks for your time.