Do you love to read English novels? Are you a Shakespeare lover, or a person who loves to watch English movies or plays at Mandi House in Delhi? Do you love reading English poems or at all, you love reading anything in English language?

So, if English literature is your passion and, imagination and research is your karma, and want to choose highly creative career, then English Literature is just the right choice.

If you’re a Delhilite or coming outside from Delhi to get admission at any prestigious college in Delhi University’s North Campus. Then you might have ticked B.A. English or M.A. English top on your list for your career choice.

B.A. English Honours and M.A. English
Career in English Literature 

Yes, today career in English literature is highly sought career not just in Delhi-NCR but in India. There are unending job opportunities and fields open to English literature students with better salaries, better career growth prospects, but over and above, career in English literature is not monotonous and low-lying.

If you’re on the verge of deciding, then give an ample thought to your decision on choosing career in English literature. For the others, who have chosen and pursing B.A. English or M.A. English at Delhi University’s colleges or School of Open Learning, at IGNOU, or at Amity University, then you might have idea where you’re headed, and how exciting your journey is.  

Before we scramble through career and job opportunities available in public and private sector for English literature students, let me just provide you with information about where English literature courses are available in Delhi-NCR region.

English Literature Courses

There are courses in English literature at undergraduate, masters and post-graduate levels in various colleges and universities in Delhi NCR region. 

PG   Website
UG – Website
PG   – Website
UG – Website
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UG – Website
UG – Website
PG – Website
The University of Delhi is always a first choice for most, especially for students that score more than 85 percent in 12th class. However, if you think you will not be able to secure a seat at DU then you can always look for admission at other universities in Delhi NCR.

As given above, there many universities in Delhi NCR region that offer courses in English literature, but at these universities, you might not get quality education, affordable fee, and student environment much like in Delhi University.

Now let us discover the career paths available for English literature students.

Traditionally, a course in English literature led to you to career in academic research, teaching and publishing. But with the change of business dynamics, economic growth, more focus over branding and creativity, role of Internet and many other things have opened wide variety of career paths in India.

There are number of skills you acquire while studying English literature that will not only get you a job in public sector but private and corporate sector of India.

Skills You Develop While Pursing English Literature

  • Verbal and communication skills
  • Ability to develop creative ideas and plans
  • Ability to build constructive and logical argument
  • Researching and investigating skills
  • To clearly describe, communicate and summarize
  • Ability to decode and understand abstract theories, concepts and ideas
  • Skill to play with words
  • Persuasion skills
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Understand human emotions and psychology
  • Interpersonal skills and team playing
These skills are highly sought everywhere and most often students do not have these skills but among English literature students these skills are commonly available. However, often students of English literature require pursuing specialization courses to get extra push for better career prospects.

So, for better understanding, I’ve discussed career opportunities available for English literature students in private and public sector separately.  

Career in Private Sector for English Literature Students

The private and corporate world of India is huge, brimming with innumerable opportunities. For English literature students as well it offers wide variety of opportunities that are up for grab.

Let us explore them one by one here


There is a huge demand in teaching in private English medium schools across India, and in private universities, colleges and institutes. To get a job as a teacher or a lecturer in any school, institute, or university, you have to have M.A in English but with B.Ed in English your employability increases substantially.

However, if you’ve been teaching for years as a private tutor then you can easily get a job at private coaching institute or you can launch your own. There is no dearth of opportunities in Education, but your academic credentials and experience plays a crucial role in your career.

If you’re planning to become a lecturer at a public or private university or college, then you should take UGC-NET exam. UGC NET exam is conducted for the candidates who want to become lecturer, anyone pursuing M.A. English or have completed it with 55 per cent score can appear for this exam.

If possible, you can also work as an online tutor there are many students from foreign shores waiting for talented teacher. The English language is a lingua franca of the world that’s why many people around the world want to learn this language.

If you want to discover other avenues in education sector, then you can move into corporate training and teaching. Where you get to develop course, research at larger level and, conduct courses and train. There are jobs such as corporate trainer for English language spoken, writing or accent trainer, instructional designer, programme executive, and content developer.


Publishing is one such sector, where English literature student can easily build career, but again you need strong academic background, skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

There are international, national and local publications offering regular and freelance jobs for writers, examiners, academic researchers for developing course content for schools, colleges, universities and other institutions and organizations.

There are online publication websites as well that offer freelance jobs in variety of avenues, where English literature students can work.

Theater, Media and Entertainment

English literature students gets lot of opportunity in theater, media and entertainment industry of India. Visit any Delhi University’s college theater society you will find many English literature students have dedicated their lives for the passion in theater.

So, if you’re in a regular college, especially in Delhi University’s college, then you’ve enticing opportunity at hand. Many Delhi University’s college theater societies have produced talented actors, directors, producers and others namely Shahrukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali (English Literature), Konkona Sen (English Literature), Mallika Sherawat, Anurag Kashyap, Mira Nair, Manoj Bajpai, Arjun Rampal and many others.

English literature students get to read and learn about theater at graduate and post-graduate level, and also they’ve command over communication. These skills, knowledge and confidence are in high demand in the industry however, with specialization course or post graduate course in journalism or mass-communication, you’ll boost your career prospects.

Business and Corporate

In the business field, marketing is a sector, which is easier for English literature students to enter. With Masters in Business Administration or Post Graduation Diploma in Management, you can get lucrative jobs in business and corporate sector.

Notably, communication and presentation skills, creative bent, interpersonal skills, and researching skills are in high demand in the marketing sector.

In business and corporate sector, if you’ve skills and experience then you will easily land a job. If you don’t have skills and experience then you can opt for special short-term courses offered by IGNOU and other distance education universities to get you started.


The English literature student often loves to write. So, if you love to write and have passion, then you can build career in it.

There are opportunities available in print and electronic media to pursue a writing career as a novelist, essayist, play writer, reporter, journalist, editor, storywriter, scriptwriter, copywriter and others. You can also work as a freelancer in the industry.

You can take up job at an IT or Digital Marketing sector as a content writer, copywriter, proofreader, and editor. You can also look for freelance work or regular job at online magazines, newspapers and other online journals.

Many freelancers out there are providing writing services to wide range of industry in different areas. Many of them are earning more than decent sum, and leading comfortable and glamorous lives.

Advertising and Public Relations

English literature students are known for their creativity, communication skills, writing skills, imagination, logic and reasoning. Therefore, English literature students are ideally suitable for variety of careers in advertising and public relations industry.

You can take up a job as an advertising copywriter, creative executive or director, campaign manager, event organizer, PR manager, and others. It’s an exciting industry, where you will get to use your creativity, verbal adeptness and writing skills to prove your mettle.

I would recommend you to take up short term courses in advertising, digital marketing, public relations to acquire industry relevant skills.


Internet is the big game now, which has become a virtual world that offers endless opportunities to English literature students. So, if you want to enter the dynamic world of Internet then you can as a writer, marketer, strategist and others.

The digital/online marketing industry in India has lot to offer to English literature students, as there are many working as a content writer, content marketer, copywriter, strategist, digital marketer etc. and still the demand is only rising each year.  

However, to work in digital world, you require certain set of skills and knowledge before you can set out to climb up the ladder. If you’ve writing skills only, you can start your career as a content writer, but if you develop your skills or do a course in digital marketing then you can reach higher.

To learn more about career in digital marketing go here.

You can also work as a freelancer, in fact many marketers and content writer are working as a freelancer instead of taking up a regular job. And they’re earning more than decent sum per month.

BPOs and KPOs

In India, BPOs and KPOs offer wide variety of jobs with decent salaries, and still it is one of the largest employers in India. You can enter this industry only with a graduate degree with all you need is effective grasp over the English language. Moreover, if you’ve UK or US accent, you will get higher pay packages as well.

But this industry is infamous for not being a long term career option for many, and also monotony and sluggish career growth keeps many far away. So, if you’re entering this career then choose wisely, do some research before entering.

There are companies such as Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Convergys etc., which offer good organizational culture and environment, better career prospects and decent salaries.

Art and Culture

In the art and culture industry, not many opportunities are available. However, if you’re in love of the art and culture especially with Indian art and culture, then you can work at government agencies, galleries and write for art and culture website.

The salaries can be high but in some, you might have to work for free just to gain experience and build your skills.

Persons that have skills to understand and decode abstract, have skills to write about art and culture, and have passion for this career, are high in demand in this industry.

Social Service

NGOs and social service organizations looks for the employees that have verbal communication and writing skills, and passion to help underprivileged of the society. The salaries are not that good, but satisfaction with job and work is incredibly higher.

This industry is emerging in India as more magnets, tycoons and industrialists are turning philanthropists. With career in social service, you can expect better growth and opportunity to travel India and abroad.

Career in Public Sector for English Literature Students

In India, many students just aim for government jobs as they offer job security, no pressure and targets to achieve, and with 6th pay commission salaries are at par with corporate sector.

Now let us see what kinds of opportunities are available in education sector for English literature students.


As mentioned earlier, UGC NET is the competitive exam that is on the top of the list for many M.A. English students in India. Even though many would not be serious about lectureship, but still they opt for it to give it a shot.

UGC-NET is quite a difficult competitive exam that enables you to become eligible for lectureship in government and government aided universities and colleges. Moreover, many private universities also look for candidates with higher scores in UGC-NET.

There are three papers in UGC NET, paper 1 deals with teaching, research and others, paper 2 and 3 deals with complete English literature (graduate and masters syllabus). You can attempt on your own, and many candidates have been able to crack it, but many with repeated attempts are still not able to.

Preparation for UGC NET requires structured approach and effective guidance in order to clear it. It’s recommended to take up UGC NET English coaching from the reliable experts in English literature that can work with you to help you clear it.

Beside UGC-NET you can look for career as a teacher in schools as well for which you will need to do B.Ed.

Civil Services

Civil services are another option available at your disposal, which is highly competitive. Many English literature students have successfully secured higher ranks in civil service exams.

But, as I said, it is highly competitive field, where you may have to sacrifice your social life and completely focus on your studies for a year to be able to clear it.

For civil services you can apply at both state and central level, and again with structured approach and proper guidance you will be able to clear it.


There are other jobs available such as linguist, interpreter, probationary officer (in national banks), jobs at various levels in administration. For these jobs, you might need low to high expertise in English language, writing skills and others in order to be eligible for one of these.

Get Guidance

Regular colleges in Delhi University have high quality faculty that offers expert help to students to excel and score better. But despite that, with large class strength and lesser personalized approach, many students are not able to gain and benefit.

Moreover, students from distance education mode do not have effective help and guidance at their disposal. So, does many other colleges and universities in Delhi NCR region are not able to provide quality education due to constraints of large class strength, shortage of teachers, traditional teaching methodology, and no personalized approach.

You can approach seniors and experts for proper guidance, who can help you effectively, structurally complete your course, and score better. The English literature course is quite vast therefore, without proper approach, guidance and schedule you won’t be able to complete it in time. In addition, if you’re not able to score well, you will not be able to get admission in higher studies and also will not be eligible for many competitive exams such as UGC NET English, CAT, MAT and others.

We at Learning Skills offer coaching to B.A. English, M.A. English and UGC NET English students. Our quality education, personalized approach and audio-visual help, enable our students to learn better and score better in exams. For more information contact us at 011 27241812 or visit contact us page.

Do you’ve any questions? You’re free to ask below in the comment box.


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