Career in Digital Marketing – Complete Guide

Are you bombarded with brands, products, and advertisements everywhere on Internet, most notably on search engines, websites, emails, Social Medias and others?
So, you will be thinking, who’s on the control panel, where are they coming from? Behind the scenes, digital marketers are working 24/7 to stay on top of your mind, and reach you, wherever possible in the Internet world.
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Now question is why digital marketing is an exciting industry to jump in. There are three prominent reasons (however, there are many) that are 

  1. India’s internet population has crossed 200 million mark this year in October, and all set to overtake US by June 2014 at current rate, making it second biggest Internet population in the world after China. 
  2. The Internet’s contribution to India’s economy will grow from US$ 30 billion in 2012 to US$ 100 billion in 2015.
  3. Career in digital marketing offers – creativity, decent remunerations and rewards, better career prospects, higher growth, and entrepreneurial spirit.
Yes, digital marketing has arrived, and in bigger shape in India. With increasing Internet penetration and population, Internet in India is creating different kinds of job opportunities (jobs mainly in digital marketing).
Before we start, let us understand the definition and scope of Digital Marketing. 
What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing definition – Using digital channels (such as blog, website, search engine, social media, email, mobile etc.) to apply various forms of online marketing processes and functions (such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, online branding, content marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing etc. ) to market and promote. 
Scope of the Digital Marketing
Today, no marketing plan or strategy is complete without digital strategy. Almost all industries have been using digital marketing to build brand, generate leads or sell. Just do a simple Google about any company or brand, most probably you’ll find them online, and their real time digital strategy in it’s full vigor.
Now, you may have idea about the digital marketing, let us explore the digital marketing from career point of view, to help you understand if it’s the career you want or not.
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Digital Marketing as Discipline and Career
Digital marketing is all related to online marketing, advertisement, promotion, virality and publicity. If you’re a management student, then you might have idea about the process of marketing strategy and marketing plan development. Similarly, digital strategy and plan are developed. However, for developing digital strategy you require variety of skills and knowledge in statistics, technology, creativity, data-interpretation, e-commerce, e-business, online customer behavior and artistic visualization.
A digital marketer has to develop campaigns with set objectives and expectations, and based on it communication strategy is developed with all creatives (banners, web designs, ads etc.), and a robust tracking mechanism is put in place to ensure proper tracking of performance. A digital marketer understands the client’s requirements, and target audience needs and desire.
As we know it, digital marketing channel is quite different from traditional marketing channels. In digital media, customers are just a click away, and quite possibly searching for a suitable product online, and able to interact directly. Notably, in TV media you’ve nearly zero interactivity and customer-buying chances are highly less. On the contrary, digital media offers higher interactivity, easy access to highly targeted audience, and higher customer-buying chances. Therefore, companies from across sectors are enthusiastic and excited to invest in digital marketing.
Digital Marketing is a vast discipline, where you need variety of skills and knowledge in order to build a career in it. If you’ve specialization in particular segment or specific area of digital marketing, again you can expect to build an enviable career out of it.
Let us learn about specializations available in digital marketing.
By having a specialization in digital marketing, your employability rate increases substantially. However, for better career advancement in ever evolving digital marketing industry, it’s important to understand all aspects of digital marketing, and stay updated with new trends, changes, and news.
Here’s a list of specializations:
There are many other fields in digital marketing, you can search and choose, and hone your skills in it.
Eligibility and Skills Requirements
If you’ve made up your mind to build career in digital marketing, it’s important that you’ve some foundational skills and knowledge, otherwise you will reach nowhere.
To develop a career in digital marketing you need to be Internet freak, and have: 
  • Creative skills
  • Have a strong presence online
  • Understand people, and consumer behavior
  • Analytical skills
  • Must understand importance of deadlines
  • Be able to measure everything
Above all, you should be immensely passionate about it, because you may not have skills now, but your passion will take you places.
Books, Blogs and Online Help
You can get lot of help from reading books, authority blogs and get free online help to start. 
You can read
  • Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success by Godfrey Parkin
  • Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones
  • SEO Guidebook by Google
  • Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization by Olivier J. Blanchard
  • Books by Dave Chaffey
Apart from books, you can follow authority blogs such as
You can search for more, but for the start, these blogs would be just fine.
For free online help, you can search for videos topic wise on YouTube, and you can read Google’s webmasters guidelines (it’s like a constitution for digital marketers). Above all, just Google extensively, you will find things.
But it’s recommended to pursue a course in digital marketing, which would help you establish you career, and help you learn properly. 

We at Learning Skills offer Dual Certification Digital Marketing Course, which is certified by NIESBUD and ICDL Asia.

Jobs and Opportunities
In the specializations, I described about the different areas in digital marketing. Therefore, you’ve lots of options in jobs, to do different variety of jobs from technical, analytical to completely creative.
Job trends in digital marketing are highly fluid that changes with new technologies, trends, and updates (specifically with changes in Google’s algorithm). According to a research, there are demands for variety of skills, and there is acute talent gap in many areas. 
Most Desirable Skills
Talent Gap
Mobile Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Advertising
If you’re a fresher with no or little experience, I would recommend you to take up course in digital marketing.
Apart from this, you can start a blog or website on your favorite topic (provide information which is relevant and usable). Then you can apply your learning and skills on your blog or website to prove that you’ve competence and skills. Also you can offer free services to NGOs, charities and others to help you hone your skills, and adorn your CV.
It’s important to include numbers in your CV, and above exercise will help you generate credible numbers, and prove your competence. As often, employers look into what experience do you have, and what you can deliver.
A fresher (a graduate) can expect a salary in the range of Rs. 15,000 to 35,000. However, if you’re management student or web developer or designer, and have added expertise in digital marketing, then salary can range from Rs 25,000 to 50,000+.
If you want to stay free of regular obligation, you can also take up projects as a freelancer, and earn a decent sum. You will find number of freelance professionals that are earning more than Rs 30,000 per month, and that is without spending too much time.
Good Luck!

I wrote this article back in 2013. Now we’re in 2017 and Digital Marketing as a career and industry have come a long way. Therefore, I wrote again a detailed blog covering all aspects of Digital Marketing Career.

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask one.