3 Things That Can Make You Awesomely Creative

Often, we hear word ‘creativity’ in interviews, personal development sessions, while discussing about skills, and during brainstorming sessions. By ‘creativity’ means originality, power to develop new ideas, and thinking beyond the horizon.

According to Dictionary.com, ‘creativity’ word means – “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination”.

The relevance of creativity in fields, where we have to deal with complex problems or artistic benchmarks, is quite high. However, today creativity is highly demanded by almost all employers irrespective of field or area, nevertheless, it is still scare commodity not easily available among unemployed.

Therefore, we are listing three awesome techniques that can make you creative. These exercises are only useful when you apply and implement them religiously and dedicatedly. Rest assured, the results could be highly surprising, making you highly sought out person not just in professional circle but personal as well.

So, here there are those three techniques

Train and Exercise Your Mind
As our body needs exercise to keep it fit, healthy and charged, in the same way your brain requires training and exercising. You can easily exercise your brain by playing brain-intensive games such as crosswords, chess, board games, and other slow and intensive games, not video games.

Another exercise reading, it is the most important exercise of all. Read extensively, from magazines, newspapers to fiction and non-fiction. Reading is a source of information, which feed your brain in turn enabling it to conjoint information and data gathered into a feasible logical and varied ideas. Make reading a habit, at first it will be difficult but sooner you will be used to it and it will become habit.

The last but not the least – running. Running is another effective technique to exercise your brain. Running helps your heart to pump oxygenated blood faster throughout your body system, which increases blood circulation. With more oxygenated blood, your brain becomes more receptive and attentive.

Imagination and Daydreaming
You might be confused with the headline, that imagination and daydreaming can make you creative. Well to your surprise, imagination and daydreaming helps you simulate ideas and situations, and think beyond your capacity. 

In the first technique, you learned the importance of reading, as I told you reading helps you gather data and information. If data and information is not processed and analyzed then how you can expect to develop new ideas and original concepts? Our brain process and analyze with the help of imagination and daydreaming.

However, I would recommend you not to idly imagine and daydream anything, channelize your thought properly and take control of it if not completely. You can use tools such as mind mapping, writing and drawing, in this way you can structure your thoughts and reach at more effective, relevant and robust conclusion.

Meditation and Healthy Life
According to discovery channel research, meditation helps your brain to develop better concentration power, and become more attentive. Discovery channel proved this by observing and researching about Buddhist monks from Tibet.

Personally, meditation helps me to solve life’s precarious situation and unburden myself from daily stress. Meditation streamlines your thoughts and ideas, improves listening skills and presentation skills, and clears your brain.

Apart from meditation, keep a balanced life by eating balanced food, and properly managing your schedule. Just do not overdo anything neither eating nor playing nor working, balance everything.

These techniques ensure that you have a creative brain, but I am sure, there are many other techniques and methods to help you become a creative person.

How do you make yourself creative? What techniques, methods and lifestyles make you a creative person? Let me know in the comments below! 

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